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The Garden of Ninfa

"... every garden is, first of all, the learning of time, of time which is like rain, wind and sun and of time that passes, the cycle of the seasons ..."
Erik Orsenna

Set off to discover the most beautiful gardens in Italy with SHG, an authentic, unique and unforgettable experience through some of the most famous places in our area. Starting from each of the hotels in the SHG group, you can visit these beautiful gardens, book your visit in advance or ask our concierge how to reach them. You will spend an unforgettable day.

The Garden of Ninfa
The Garden of Ninfa (also called Giardino Caetani), 45 minutes from the SHG Antonella Hotel in Pomezia, elected by the New York Times the most beautiful and romantic in the world, is a splendid English garden with a romantic look created by Gelasio Caetani in 1921.
The garden of Ninfa was awarded in the "European heritage of gardens and gardening" section of the European Garden Award 2018-2019 and declared a natural monument by the Lazio Region since 2000 and an affiliated Oasis of the WWF.
The Garden of Ninfa is an exceptional reserve of eight hectares at the foot of the Lepini mountains, the habitat consists of the river Ninfa, where rare and centuries-old plants grow on the ancient ruins of a lost city (the city of Ninfa).
The lake mirror formed by it and the surrounding areas constitute the natural protective frame of the entire complex, which also includes the Pantanello Natural Park. "
Inside the Garden of Ninfa there are ornamental cherry and apple trees that bloom spectacularly in spring, varieties of deciduous magnolias, birches, marsh irises and a sensational variety of Japanese maples.
In its more than eight hectares there are more than 1300 plants and 100 birds registered. The Garden of Ninfa complex is also Literary Park® "Marguerite Chapin and the places of the Caetani"
By joining the network, the Roffredo Caetani Onlus Foundation with the Literary Park® "Marguerite Chapin and the places of the Caetani", intends to make known the figure of Princess Marguerite Chapin Caetani, writer, journalist, art collector and patron, and the places of inspiration of the figures most important in the cultural, artistic, literary and scientific history that have been part of the history of the Caetani family (in particular the Caetani Castle of Sermoneta, the Garden of Ninfa, the Pantanello Park and the monumental complex of Tor Tre Ponti).