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"... every garden is, first of all, learning about time, time that is like the rain, the wind and the sun and time that goes by, the cycle of the seasons ...
Erik Orsenna

Discover one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy with SHG: a unique, unforgettable experience in one of the most popular places in our territory.

You can visit these spectacular gardens from each one of our hotels: apply to the concierge to book your visit in advance of ask for information. You will experience an unforgettable day!

Parco Pallavicino
The Park covers an area of approximately 18 hectares, with flowered lanes, meadows, huge secular trees and an enchanted blooming garden in spring and summertime.

Villa Pallavicino became a private residence in 1855, when the property was purchased by Ruggero Bonghi, statesman and scholar. In 1862 the Pallavicinos, an aristocratic family from Genoa, bought it and enlarged it, reconverting it in a Neo-classical XIX century villa, and in 1956, opened the access to the garden for the public to enjoy.

The trees are what make this park a true wonder: secular chestnuts and liriodendrons, among the oldest in Italy, beech and maple trees, larches, gingkos, redwoods, magnolias and the great cedar of Lebanon in the natural amphitheater opposite the villa.

Opening hours and Prices
10 -17.30 (last admission 17:30 o’clock).

Adults: € 12,00 per person
Kids (6-15 years old): reduced ticket.
Children (up to 6 years old): free entrance
Family (4 people): for 2 paying adults+1 kid, the second child is included
Groups (adults): 1 free entrance every 18 paid tickets.
The price includes the park and the farm.

The Italian-style Baroque garden
The garden at Isola Bella is a true haven enriched by statues, geometric architectural ornaments and botanical rarities.The trustworthy gardeners trim, manure and experiment, preserving this enchanted place from the passing of time. Right at the entrance, guests have been welcomed by a giant camphor tree for the last 200 years. Immediately inside, visitors find the glorious Amphitheater, which covers the central area of the island in a truly spectacular way.

The Italian-style Baroque garden develops on scenic terraces displayed at different heights, alternating statues, obelisks, majestic stairways and stone balustrades, creating an overall wow effect aimed at symbolizing how powerful the noble house was.

The visitors can wander down the lanes, all the way up to the largest terrace, a real command post of the island from where to admire both the majestic lake and this enchanted man-made garden.

Opening hours and Prices
Every day, 9-17.30 (last admission)

Adults: € 17,00 / per person (€ 25,00 with Isola Madre)
Kids (6-15 years old): reduced ticket.
Children (under 6 years old): free entrance
Family (4 people): for 2 paying adults+1 kid, the second child is included
Groups: 1 free entrance every 18 paid tickets.

Isola Madre - The English-style garden
In 1500 the ownership of the island passed from the Bishop of Novara to the Borromeo family. Two years later, important works began which transformed the largest of the Borromean islands first into an orchard, an olive-yard later on and finally a citrus garden. Today, the garden at Isola Madre is a unique botanical garden, thanks to its numerous rare species brought here from all over the world. This English-style garden, with its shaded lanes, green slopes overlooking the calm waters of the lake and constant spectacular blooms is a real paradise on Earth.

New continuous flowering in every season of the year lead to the discovery of hidden corners: from the magnolia groves to those of bamboo, from the perfumed pergolas of wisteria to the espaliers of citrus fruit,from the parterres of ancient camellias to the overflowing pools of waterlilies and lotus flowers.

Opening hours and Prices
Every day, 10 -17.30 (last admission)
Entrance tickets includes both the villa and the garden

Adult: € 13,50 per person (€ 25,00 with Isola Bella)
Isola bella € 18,00
Isola Madre € 15,00
Kids (6-15 years old): reduced ticket.
Children (under 6 years old): free entrance
Family (4 people): for 2 paying adults+1 kid, the second child is included
Groups: 1 free entrance every 18 paid tickets.

The garden of Villa Taranto (Pallanza)
Henry Cocker, a landscape architect, became one of the most important landscapers of the XX century: together with the Scottish captain Neil McEacharn, he designed in the 1930s the wide park of Villa Taranto in Pallanza (Lake Maggiore). Born in 1884 in the South of Scotland McEacharn came from a wealthy Scottish aristocrat family, which is how he was able to commit full time to his greatest passions: botany, gardening and traveling. Thanks to the beauty of the place, the mild climate and massive terracing and excavation works down Punta della Castagnola, the Captain was able to combine both the aesthetics and botanical needs.
He purchased the adjacent lands and created woods, borders and valleys, flower beds, lawns, ponds and greenhouses all over the 16 hectares of the property. He also planted different species from all over the world, creating collections of great scientific value, that number today over 8,500 different species and varieties.

Opening hours and Prices
From 15 March to 3 November

Opening hours
Every day 9:00 - 18:00

Adults: € 11.00
Kids (6-14 years old): € 5.50
Groups from 21 up to 100 people: € 8.00 per person

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