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Inextricably linked to the history of Rome

The history of Hotel Portamaggiore is inextricably linked to the history of Rome.
The building was completed in 1925 after 5 years of construction, and soon afterwards was used to welcome the pilgrims who were traveling to Rome for the 23rd Jubilee, announced the previous year by Pope Pius XI.

Thanks to the modern means of transport, getting to Rome had become incredibly easy and the number of people arriving grew exponentially. It was necessary, therefore, to change the way things used to be organized before.

Hotel Portamaggiore hotellerie tradition was born in this context and has constantly grown ever since: today, the hotel boasts 206 comfortable rooms, a restaurant, 3 meeting rooms and its pride, the roof garden La terrazza in Portamaggiore. All the common areas are enriched with precious archaeological finds belonging to the site, certified by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and reported to the Lincei National Academy.